Walking on Seil Island

04 Dec

Unless you have a car stationed on both sides of Cuan Ferry – as many Luing islanders do – you haven’t much option on a Sunday – because – we have no vehicular ferry on a Sunday. What we have is a little passengers only ferry with an outboard motor.


It’s quite cosy sitting bunched up for all of five minutes as we scud across the fast flowing tidal Cuan Sound.



This was our first crossing on the wee ferry and it didn’t hurt at all. The view – courtesy of Steve Jaikens and his Olympic Digital Camera – is the one I usually have when I drive through here on my way to wherever as it’s the only road out of Luing.

Today we are on foot and are due to take a sharp left by the church to follow an ancient footpath over to Ellanabeich where there is a Craft Fair taking place in the village hall.


Kilbrandon Church – with it’s five stained glass windows is one of five local churches all in the parish of Cuan which are said to form the ‘cradle of Christianity’ in Scotland. Each start with ‘Kil’ in their names and are named after companions or followers of Saint Columbus of Iona who is credited with bringing the religion to Scotland.

We didn’t disturb the minister as we had already met him waiting to board our ferry earlier. He is a busy chap on a Sunday – having to preach in three of the five churches in his parish. What we did disturb was a young doe roe deer which had been lying in the bracken till we came along.

She was gone in a twinkling and it wasn’t until we were higher up on the hill that we found a few beasts willing to pose for us. There was this mean looking bunch —


followed by this equally mean looking hombre —


Even her ladyship got in on the act and gazed pensively into the distance for my camera.


Oi reckon it were the sheep wot dunnit ma’am —


come from the croft they do.


No worries —-


with the ol’ boy setting the pace we were soon over the hill —


and heading down past a quarry in the direction of Easdale —-


at least that’s what it said on this ancient sign further up the hill.


Out of sequence I know – but this view from up on the hill is a must —


On second thoughts it wasn’t that great so I gave you a windblown birch tree instead.

The Craft Fair was going well in the new village hall when we arrived there. Soup and a roll for a couple of quid went down a treat and all too soon we were heading back over the hill for the late afternoon ferry.


Maybe the pensive look in the earlier photo was well founded – that is quite a mudhole our Helen is heading for.

Don 🙂

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