Their Christmas Goose is Cooked

05 Dec

One of the problems when living close to nature is that you can get rather fond of the characters involved. 20161205_125207

Our roe deer became part of the family but we haven’t seen them for about a week and they might even be in someone’s freezer by now.

Soft as it may seem for someone like myself –  born and bred in the country – it would be re-assuring to look out the bedroom window one morning soon and see them in the garden again.

Likewise the flock of wild geese that live throughout the year on Luing. Their friendly cackle as they fly in to the rich grazing around us in the morning and off again as darkness falls becomes part of our life here at Bardrishaig and on our walks to various parts of the island it’s not unusual to come across them sheltering from strong winds in some hidden valley.

Today they were obviously sheltering from the ‘guns’ engaged in the pre-Christmas shoot we had encountered on our way to the ferry.

Helen and I took a detour by Ardmaddy House on the mainland on our way home and were tickled to see our Luing geese having an ‘away day’ over there too. Virtually all were looking south to Luing and wondering if it was safe to fly home.


Ardmaddy House was well worth a photo – even if it was from a distance. Standing in it’s well kept grounds at the head of Ardmaddy Bay – we have seen it across the water on many occasions when walking or visiting the north-east section of Luing where my son lives. The gardens on Ardmaddy Estate are open to the public throughout the year but we will leave that visit till well into Spring when there’s more to see – and photograph.



Talking of photos – we passed a photogenic horse on the way down the single track road to Ardmaddy and I’m sure he will be thrilled to pad out this Post. Reminds me of ‘Scout’ – the Lone Ranger’s sidekick Tonto’s piebald horse – but he can’t be – trusty Scout will have joined the ‘Rider’s in the Sky’ long ago.


The swans by the roadside on Loch Seil aren’t too bothered when cartridges start exploding and pellets fly for by all accounts the only person officially licensed to kill and eat the Mute swan since Tudor times is the Queen.


As far as the Bewick and other types of swan are concerned it’s a grey area and hardly worth the bother as – except in certain secretive quarters – eating swan meat has been out of fashion for many many years.


There is some nice walking country over by Ardmaddy but now is not the time to do it as it is obviously a ‘Shooting’ Estate and might even employ something as old-fashioned as a grumpy gamekeeper.

The walk by the Wishing Tree and over the tops to Kilmelford will be worth doing in the summer when the days are longer and the views fantastic – with luck – health and gamekeeper permitting we will do it then.


H took this one on her way home tonight – nice sky – and thank’s for the use of t’others – my camera was able to gather fluff in my pocket all day.


Don 🙂




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