A Horse Box from Santa

19 Dec

Been a tough four months without my toys. I’ve played at being a gardner and actually enjoyed it but there’s not a lot I can do out there for the next three months. I had time to kill and I spent some of it on ebay. A dangerous game for an impulse buyer. I whacked in a bid for a horse trailer – and – gulped when the message appeared seconds later – ‘congratulations – you are the winner!’

Said trailer is now by my door – with nary a horse in sight. Instead I will kit the box out with my tools – fetch my bikes up soon as I can – and – do what big boys do.

You never know – the 1100cc Luing Scrambler might reach completion on that very ramp —


Ok – I know there’s a plant pot supporting the ramp. It’s all I had to hand but a bale of hay will do the same job.

It’s more important I go fetch the FJ from it’s comfy chicken hoos in the south asap!


Cos you-know-who has gone back to her roots – yup – treading the boards —


and has designs on my horsebox as a practise stage. Not too sure bout the wellies Ma’am 🙂





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Posted by on December 19, 2016 in Isle of Luing, Motorcycling, Yamaha FJ1100


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