Christmas Quiz – What is It?

22 Dec

20161222_204045What is it?

I found it in the bracken when I was running amoc with my brushcutter in my attempt to denude the hillock earlier this year. Doesn’t weigh much being a hollow ball made from some kind of light alloy and it is well moth-eaten as if it has been bobbing around in the ocean since World War 2 —

Which adds credence to my own pet theory that it is some kind of left-over German mine and judging by the worried look on his face Jim-up-the-Pole seems to agree with me —


The name hand-written on there is German — Schubert — wasn’t he a composer — maybe he made bombs too in his spare time —


Can’t leave Schubert sitting on my pot all night – that’s the one I use to boil our breakfast eggs – and – just in case he goes – POP! – I’d better take him down off our breadbox too – I’d much rather make my own toast in the morning thank you.


Schubert will go back out to his perch on top of our hollow gatepost and Jim can twiddle his dials all he wants cos I don’t think he will find the right frequency to blow Schubert back to wherever he came from on a new DAB radio that struggles to find even Radio 2.

But – if anyone out there knows it’s a bomb for sure – tell me first – so I can make tracks before you send in the Bomb Disposal Squad.


Don 🙂


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