Five Fools in a Fountain

26 Dec

It’s great what we do to work up an appetite for a Boxing Day curried chook lunch. H n I braved the storm and walked over to Port Mary corner with views across Cuan Sound to the Isle of Seil.

I stood there by my Hobbit Hoos wondering where the roof had gone.


While the distaff side tested her new waterproof eye-shadow —


while getting on with the ‘day job’ of photographing the waves and currents.


Aah – very pretty Master’ said my Nigerian driver – nickname ‘Jaguar’ – when he drove me and family through a busy red traffic light on the outskirts of Kaduna in reply to my question – ‘What colour were those lights Jaguar?’


Very Pretty indeed – but what’s happening across the Sound?


There were five people on that headland last time I looked —


Yup – five people I tell you! No doubt youngsters full of Christmas spirit —


That must have sobered them up —


There’s still three at least —


Three – or is it four – could be one on his knees hanging on – or praying. That isn’t bad out of five mad fools.


Chunter – chunter — bloody daft kids — wonder if it was them wot nicked my roof.



Don 🙂



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One response to “Five Fools in a Fountain

  1. Ester

    December 27, 2016 at 07:24

    Good pictures!


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