Tenere in Toberonochy

29 Jan

Toberonochy – an exotic sounding name for a wee village on the former slate isle of Luing but with the sun shining and no vehicle ferry running cos it’s Sunday – Toberonochy at three to four miles distant was the furthest point I could aim for.


I even stretched it out by running north to South Cuan ferry terminal and west to Blackmill Bay and still only managed to eke out about ten or twelve miles all told.


With my normal daily ride being in the region of 150 miles I would need to do about fifteen laps of the island to hit that number.


No worries – the Atlantic Centre was open over in Cullipool for coffee and after picking ‘H’ up from home we headed over that way.


The Slate Feature has been completed to remind us of our heritage as a major slate producer – having roofed the houses of London – Bristol and Dublin to name but a few major cities. Coffee to go was the order for today and where better to take it than over on the shore by the slate-stone throne and a bonnie English rose posing by the Scottish Saltire.


It pisses me off that the SNP have claimed the Saltire as their own when in actual fact it is the National flag of all Scots but I won’t lose any sleep over it. Political points of view – unlike our everyday view across Fladda Lighthouse can be such a transient thing.


Coffee over and done with – it was up the dirt road and home to Bardrishaig – where – just as I crested the rise I saw the tail-end of a skein of wild geese looking as if they were following their leaders into a grassy stretch between the ridges at the back of the old steading.


Helen was first off the mark and shot round the steading in an anti-clockwise direction with her camera in ready mode. The cunning old fox had different ideas and took the shorter clockwise approach – but – the nervous sheep gave him away —


and the geese were on their toes —


and ready for affski —


by the time he got there.


But –


what a wonderful sight they made with Fladda Lightouse and the Garvellocks beyond.


A cup of tea later we were enjoying just one of the many bunches of snowdrops in our garden —


and the glow on the front of the house could mean only one thing —


No point sending for the fire brigade —


all the water in the world wouldn’t dim the fire of our setting sun tonight 🙂




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