Kintraw – the Secret in the Stones

15 Feb

One of he most impressive Standing Stones in Scotland is in a field overlooking a challenging uphill bend on the Oban – Lochgilphead road by Kintraw just a few miles north of Kilmartin that centre of ancient religion harking back to pre-christianity and beyond.

Standing fully thirteen feet high and probably six or seven feet below ground she would certainly drown our Bardrishai standing stone in any pissing contest.


No worries – I can’t see that match-up happening any time soon —


for there’s enough documented argument on the internet about the origin and reason for the stone being here at all.


From an ancient viewpoint on a nearby hill the  Kintraw stone would appear to be in alignment with a cleft in the hills on the far-off Isle of Jura at midday of the Winter Solstice – or at least from what we know – it would have in alignment around 21st of December 1800 BC.


Seems like a lot of trouble to go to tell the time once a year. Judging by the many pages of differing opinions relating to the secrets of the Kintraw Stone on the internet the jury is still out on what it’s original purpose could be.


Truth be told – the more I study the ancient stones – the more I’m impressed with the knowledge of the heavens in relation to our natural world as shown by the ancients.


No point losing any sleep over it. We will leave that to the Alexander Thom and his learned brethern who understand the accuracy of the change in the obliquity of the ecliptic since prehistoric times to postulate on that score..


At least the neighbouring stones are the ideal hosts for the brilliant displays of lichen that our camera-lady Helen just can’t let pass without a click of the finger 🙂

PS – one report states that when the stone was knocked or fell over in recent years it was found to be five and half metres long overall. It was re-erected in a concrete base and hopefully it will survive to puzzle inquisitive travellers for another four thousand years.


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