Seamus Hits a High Spot

01 Mar

Just one of those days — hardly worth opening my t’other eye cos it will be more boring flu talk —

Been a full epidemic here on the Isle of Luing — almost everyone and their grannie has had it — including my two old duffers —


Could have been worse – it could’ve been cat flu —


Just look at them mits – if I don’t get outside soon I’m gonna tear this cushion apart!


Must have been something I said – I was only kidding Mum – Honest!


Huh! Some people have no sense of humour – I know – I’ll pretend I’m a snowdrop – that usually makes her laugh —


M-mmm – it’s Him! C’mon dad – push off – can’t you see I’m busy —


What d’you mean that’s high enough – I’ve got a tree to climb


Yep! Right up there!



Without even a safety net!




That will show ’em what I’m made of.




Today I’m King of Luing – but – what about the Isle of Scarba? I’m told there are wild boar over there. I could do with some proper raw meat instead of that Whiskas jellied muck they say is good for kittens. Maybe Gregor will drop me off next time he’s fishing over that way 🙂


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