Monthly Archives: April 2017

Tenere at South Cuan

Took a break from planting tatties this evening –  lifted the cover off the Tenere and  trundled up to South Cuan with coffees in the flask and and a sandwich or two in the tailpack. It was lovely up there and for once the lobster boats on the Sound were heading home at pace on the flooding tide instead of using an excess of fuel while battling valiantly against it – timing is everything —

While the lobster boat in the distance is heading round to Balvicar on Seil Island with the days’ catch – our local vehicle ferry – the Belnahua makes her last crossing of the weekend to Luing —

There she goes on the return leg. It only takes five minutes to cross Cuan Sound but with no Sunday Vehicle Ferry service – we are marooned here on Luing till Monday.

Luckily – it’s no hardship 🙂