Super Sid beats Shifty Shamus

20 Apr

With a little help from his friends Sid Shebunkin – our Japanese cold water goldfish – has found a safe haven from the fish hook claws of Seamus our young Ginger Tabby cat. Despite having fitted Sid’s previous home with more bars than Alcatraz used to incarcerate Al Capone it was still possible to enter the room and find our wily Seamus dangling a non-too friendly paw in his watery lair.

Not no more he ain’t! From the safety of his original tank with a fully fitted top cover which has caught up with us from down south Sid should be safe as houses – although Seamus might have other ideas —

Maybe we need more water to bring fishy up within range —

But – one good punch should shatter the glass and you’re mine little fishy —

M-mmm — that didn’t work – not even a scratch on the glass —

Next time little fishy – you are mine  🙂



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