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Honda CRF 250RL

So – there is life in the old dog yet!

The old fool must have got tired of nursing tatties on the barren rocks of Bardrishaig and has just gone and nailed one of these lil beauties to play with instead —

Yup! The brand new – still in the box CRF 250RL. She looks like a refugee from the Dakar Rally.

.A few of the 250RLs have been flown in to the UK prior to general release and his nibbs has gone and nabbed one of them. Says it will bring back happy memories of gate-crashing the Italian Press Launch of the equivalent Yamaha 250 off-roader in Tunisia a few years back. Say’s they had so many bikes at the launch that they didn’t miss one of ’em for half a day when he disappeared over the dunes on it.

Don’t know where he is going to find a sand dune on the Isle of Luing – it was all rock – bog and slate last time I looked.

Is he mad – or – sad? Time will tell – watch this space 🙂



An Evening Ride on Luing

With less than ten miles of tarred single-track on our Isle of Luing it’s hardly worth bringing the Pan European out but that was the weapon of choice for an evening ride – here she is with Caledonian MacBride’s Hebridean Princess in the background in the Sound of Luing —

The old jetty at Blackmill Bay is always worth a picture —

or two —

but three is pushing it – just a bit —

The old rusted Diahatsu still earns it’s corn by putting the rib in the water for trips to Scarba and beyond  —

Did someone mention Scarba? There she over there in all her glory —

That will be the mountains of Mull in the distance —

To finish – a shot from earlier in the day – over the sheltered bay where my son moors his boat – with views to the mainland —

Thanks to Helen who was riding pillion – she really does take some lovely pics 🙂