Hi-Viz Arrives on Luing with the Kelpies

27 Aug

With less than ten miles of tarred road on the Isle of Luing we don’t have much call for Hi-Viz clothing – in fact the general casual approach to road safety means the Luing Ping is more prevalent. That’s the warning ping from your car dashboard when driving with the seatbelt unfastened.

Two friends came to visit last week from the world I had left behind – BMW riding John and Phil. It was great to see and ride with them again even if it did mean I had to stop on the road in order to dig my shades out of my panniers as I was being dazzled with Phil’s current hi-viz riding ensemble. Coupled with a batch of bright LED riding lights and a high viz vest that immediately inflates in the event of an unscheduled departure from the norm he really is taking safety to another level —

No worries – we were soon back on track again —

The lads had planned a couple of nights on the road – the first night on Luing and next in Fort Augustus after a circular tour of Loch Ness. But – having braved ten hours or so of torrential rain the nose-to-tail traffic from Ballachulish to Fort William proved too much for them. After a weak tea in Morrison’s cafe they cut their journey short and turned for home.

Did I mention ‘Southern Softies’ – no way – I wouldn’t be so cruel 🙂

Despite the threatening clouds it had remained dry long enough for John to take some pics of the Falkirk Kelpies on their first day —

In fact that photo above against the grey skies really floats my boat and is one of the most stunning views of the Kelpies I’ve seen —

No doubt being an Englishman had something to do with it for John could n’t resist getting right up the Kelpies nose 🙂

Thanks for the pics John – hope you find better weather next time you come north 🙂


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