Sunshine and Showers with CRF250 Rally

07 Nov

More or less what we can expect early in November – it’s a case of wrapping up warrm and getting out there —

Today it was over the hills and faraway on my lonesome with the Honda 250 Rally —

With a smidgeon over one thousand miles on the clock she is running as sweet as a sweet thing should —

Not a single complaint from the bike or from me for that matter —

Her knobbly Bridgestones hook up well wet or dry —

On road or off —

Here in the Western Hielands the weather and visibility – or lack of – can change by the minute —

Just horse on and the blue skies will come again 🙂


2 responses to “Sunshine and Showers with CRF250 Rally

  1. Don

    January 25, 2018 at 21:36

    Hello Mark – good to hear you are getting on well with the 250 Rally. Mine has become my ‘go to’ bike this winter and it seems to be handling the filthy roads and occasional trail well enough although I confess I did arrive home with a wee Karcher pressure washer in the boot of my car earlier today. If used with care It should help get the chain lube off the swingarm and rear hub and clean some other hard to reach areas where muck gathers.
    I have increased the pre-load adjustment on my Rally. It must have been set up for a lightweight and bottomed out on the humps while cracking on with my 16 stone aboard. I managed the necessary adjustment the agricultural way with a long slim punch and light hammer as I believe the alternative would have mean’t dismantling half the bike to remove the shock and adjust it on the bench.
    She works well with my weight plus a lightly loaded tailpack and there is still some adjustment unused. I suspect the strength of the seat rails/subframe and tailpiece would be the limiting factor as to how much weight to carry behind.
    The front end is where I hope to carry additional weight in some sort of saddle bag arrangement. A set of protection bars similar to those on my 650 V-strom would help with the placement and security of the saddlebags.
    The CRF will go a long way on a tankful of gas but I have yet to find out just how far as the gauge reads almost empty with at least 3 litres still to go by my calculation – but – coward that I am I have yet to test this theory out.
    My ideal loading arrangement for the long haul would be two x15 or 20 litre saddlebags for spare clothing and stuff – a small tail pack and 5 litre fuel can on the rear and my 27 litre rucksack lightly laden on my back. It may be possible to clip on one of those small tankbags for fixing to the fuel tank filler surround but finding one that fits in the available space might be a problem.
    If you visit the North West on your travels the Corrieyairack Pass might be worth a look. Ordnance Survey sheet 34 has it and I understand it is legal to ride through – I hope to do it this year.

    Cheers – Don

  2. Mark Holyoake

    January 25, 2018 at 20:34

    Hi Don,
    Well I have had my Rally for a little while, always inspred by your articles and photos.
    I love my Rally and I LOVE SCOTLAND so your website is brilliant A++++++. Thank you.
    I have my trip to Scotland planned for early June and am planning to use the Rally. I have a rack fitted, it was the one the dealer recommended and fitted the CRF250L model too I think.
    I have a spare seat modified to make the seat a bit more saddle like – could be useful on the long haul north from Lincolnshire!
    Taking your lead aiming to use maybe a “Drybag” or “Kriega US20” strapped to that for luggage; hoping my old Garmin GPS will mount to the fromt of the bike (possibly on the tubing near the screen).
    Last time i was in far north west and Highlands, I had a touch and go moment when I almost ran out of fuel. I had planned to stop a small village/shop that my map said had fuel….but the garage part had closed.
    Do you ever carry extra fuel and if so how?
    How do you find the tank range?
    Love the website, and your photography is amazing.


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