Suzuki V-strom 650XT for yamahista

07 Feb

Javier I know you have a banana coloured 650XT now but all I can make from that little bit of info is that they don’t sell the Bonnie Black XT in Spain.

I had our purty black Strom out yesterday for a jaunt across the island to Toberonochy – yes that’s the sweetly named village on the eastern shores of the Isle of Luing – so I popped a pic for you and here she is —

OK – I know it isn’t Barcelona but I managed to fit in a couple of little boats and a bit of seawater for you.

The first third of 2019 promises to be very busy as Helen has a family visit to Japan planned for March and there are various other things like a new knee for me and (at the risk of upsetting the squeamish) removal of knackers for Loki to be fitted in.

No doubt the new knee will require training to ride a bike and Loki will also take time to adjust to his new station in life but Helen and I are hoping to put a few thousand more miles on the Strom this year so who knows —–

It could be a case of ‘catch you on the road sometime’ —

Whatever happened to Shortie? We have lost touch completely! But this pic was taken back in 2002.

Javier and Shortie on the ‘King’s Rock – somewhere north-west of Madrid.


3 responses to “Suzuki V-strom 650XT for yamahista

  1. Don

    February 12, 2019 at 19:33

    Did you get the full set of hard luggage for your bike Javier? I reckon I will still be using the soft panniers I bought for my Dubrovnik trip with the XJR1300 in 2004. They are still in good nick as my Tenere 660Z which I did most of my big mileage trips on had hard luggage but I sold that bike in 2017.

    Are you going to send me a pic of your trusty steed Javier?

  2. Don

    February 12, 2019 at 12:04

    Yup .. I agree .. it’s been too long Javier. The bit I remember most of all was coming down hrough the twisties after a lunchtime strong black at a hilltop cafe. I was following you with everything scraping and came across a boa constrictor mid-corner. Luckily it had stopped wriggling and lay flat on the road in series of kinks 🤣

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

  3. yamahista

    February 12, 2019 at 10:49

    What great memories we had in those pictures… It was a great time together…
    I have the yellow because I love the golden rims and it shows the Suzuki off-road heritage….
    It would be fantastic to ride together again…


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