Auld age disnae come itsel

10 Oct

My old mother was right when she said ‘auld age disnae come itsel Donald’.

I haven’t even been able to access my own Blog for some time now as Google used to remember my password for me. Then – in an attempt to copy the Chinese I banned Google from the Home Farm. Seems I made a big mistake. The all-seeing eye of Big Brother has it’s uses after all.

No worries – I’m back in biznez and hopefully I’m ready to carry on where I left off.

My CRF250 Rally is still around and just get’s better n better. Changing the gearing by fitting a couple of teeth more on the rear sprocket has had the desired effect and keeps her minimal power output in the meat of the rev band.

Fitting a complete Arrow alloy – peashooter type exhaust has also helped by reducing weight and finding some extra ponies.

Oh – and the new Wilber rear shock has levelled her up a bit and set the handling alight as she is no longer draggin her ass on the road.

Sadly the V-strom has gone and so have the two Honda Grom’s. Four hundred miles between the wee Honda’s over four years bears testament to the two wee bikes not fitting the bill although they did nothing wrong really.

So-o – what replaced them? Sumthin different of course. In fact very different. A state-of-the art Honda X-ADV750! Here she is lighting up a dull day with no other visiting bikes at the Green Welly unless we count a big Goldwing complete with sidecar and trailer beautifully ridden by two equally large ladies from Belgium.

My X-ADV750 is on the right – Mr Honda’s motorcycling answer to the SUV range currently gaining popularity in the car industry. A motorcycle in scooter clothing – she has a 750cc twin cylinder motor driving through a 6 speed gearbox and twin clutch system which enables automatic selection of the gears. Riding position is feet-forward – a must for me as it means I can delay the inevitable for a few more years.

Yes – old age hasn’t come itself and I have been putting off a date with the scalpel and power saw as various surgeons have been itching to cut out my right knee joint and fit me with some sort of mechanical contrivance in it’s place for the past four years.

I still haven’t fully recovered from my last encounter with the surgeon’s wayward blade of five/six years ago and doubtless never will. If riding feet-forward scoot-style gives me several more years in the saddle without resorting to the knife then it’s no real hardship.

Now then – where did I jot down that password .. lol


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