Honda X-ADV 750

12 Oct

The new Scoot on our block.

She may look a bit like an electric milk float from head on – but – those angry-eye type headlights tell a different story.

Underneath the plastic she is all motorbike – until you get to the rear wheel which for sum sad reason is a 15 incher! The ADV is generally based on Honda’s NC750 motorcycle which also carries it’s fuel under the seat and what looks like a fuel tank twixt rider’s knees is in fact a luggage compartment. The swingarm has been lengthened on the ADV in comparison and coupled with the smallish diameter rear wheel thus allows for provision of a reasonable sized luggage compartment under the seat without restricting suspension travel.

To be honest I don’t even think about the size of the rear wheel when I’m riding – until of course it’s diminutive diameter exaggerates the surface ripples and minor potholes that a bigger diameter wheel would ride over. For the un-initiated a roadgoing motorcycle rear tyre is usually 17 inch and experienced off-roaders will have an 18 inch dia wheel in there wherever possible..

But that is the only ‘scooter’ type aspect of the bike – the way she spins up on the gravel in the yard and picks her way up our rough old farm track that is more suited to the local farmer’s four-wheel drive tractors is a revelation!

I did have my concerns about the amount of electrics at play with this machine – that dash for instance can do everything except cook my breakfast but then I can be quite fussy when it comes to the main meal of the day.

My morning ride into Oban for coffee and newspaper was carried out in torrential – and I mean TORRENTIAL rain showers and she never missed a beat. Looks like Mr Honda has got things right in that department.

Despite flooded roads I was a few minutes early for the ferry on my return leg – this lil scoot can be deceptive over a distance and what feels like a steady ride tells a different story on the clock. Yes she covers the ground without fuss much quicker than expected.

While the bike was getting most of my attention on the ramp it was a different story once aboard the good ship Belnahua on the crossing. The Cuan Sound appeared to be full of dolphins with two separate schools making their way through! It was quite a sight but the rain ensured my phone/camera stayed safely in the dry in my ‘man-bag’ under the seat.

So the morning two-hour dry spell promised by the weather forecasters didn’t happen – but – I’m not made of sugar and didn’t melt in the wet.

If I had been really worried about getting wet I would have taken a tip from our Seamus and spent the morning curled up on the couch in the dry.


3 responses to “Honda X-ADV 750

  1. aguilera1970

    July 14, 2020 at 07:56

    I just got you updated by email my dear friend, keep in touch…

  2. Don

    July 13, 2020 at 17:03

    You set the cat amongst the pigeons there my friend. Helen has wanted us to get an African Twin for long enough but I always dug my heels in. There was something ‘soft’ looking on the earlier version and by the time Mr Honda agreed and sorted it out I had bought a 650 V-strom – a good enough bike for the money – but lacked excitement.
    The X-ADV is a whole load of fun around here and appears to surprise a many riders when it appears in their mirrors. Drop me an email when you have time – I would love to hear how you got to Barcelona Javier. I spotted you during my brief dalliance with Facebook but it was all in some foreign lingo that I didn’t learn at school lol.

    cheers my old friend — Don x

  3. aguilera1970

    July 13, 2020 at 10:02

    Now for the first time since I know you I realize you are getting old…
    An X-ADV? really? hahahaha
    I just got myself a new Africa Twin Adventure Sports with DCT transmission, I’m also getting older… ;op
    Big hug from beautiful Barcelona my friend…


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