Pan Euro ST1100 Shines in the low November Sun

02 Nov

Sunglasses are de rigueur on the few occasions that the sun favours us with it’s rays at this time of the year as it seldom climbs much above the skyline.

No worries – the reflection from the old Pan today is more than a match for it —

Pan Blackmill Bay 1

It was a great feeling just to be out there with her. Because of her weight and tight seat to peg configuration she is seldom first choice to come out of the shed but the old knees stood up well on today’s short ride.

Pan Blackmill Bay 2

While it looks as if the big rib has been hauled out and prepared for a winter on the trailer the Pan might be coming into it’s own. No point putting the new X-ADV 750 out on salt covered roads when the bold Pan can take them in it’s stride.

Pan Cuan 2

She has been up for sale for quite some time now without getting much interest so why not put her back to work.

Pan Cuan

No doubt the problem in that regard is more with myself than with the bike. The ‘givitsum look’ to prospective buyers/tyre-kickers probably says it all – ‘What do you mean you want to buy my bike for peanuts – can’t you see it’s one of the best on the road!’

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