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Trubblemouse on her Honda CB125F

Came across this pic earlier – it’s my missus givinitsum on her first bike – the tidy Honda CB125F—

At eight n half stone soaking wet the little bike would hardly know Helen was aboard.

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First ride of the Year for X-ADV750

First ride this year for the Big Scoot and I’m pleased to say everything went well. The weather threw everything it could at us – rain – hail n sleet plus the usual shit n snotters that come with flooded roads. Yep she just lapped everything up and if she’d had a full tank of juice I’m pretty sure we would still be out there yet.

No worries – she has earned her ‘Streetfighter’ badge this morning and I’m looking forward to Wednesday when we have been promised some better weather.- yes the old bones prefer a bit of sunshine instead of this crap that we are getting at the mo’.