Glen Quaich with H and the X-ADV750

23 Jun

It’s well through the month of June and I have just spotted my last Post. It’s dated 9th March and the first sentence is all about riding on a Sunday and how much better it feels than in the week. After three months of Lockdown every day has become a Sunday and days on the bike have been few and far between.

Streetfighter 1

But – there was a Sunday – the Lockdown had eased slightly – time to ride – and ride we did. By Crieff then a left to the Sma’ Glen and left again into Glen Quaich as we entered Amulree.

Time to stop for a few pics before topping out the climb which had been made more interesting on a couple of steep – tight hairpins by my lack of faith in a clutchless bike.

Glen Quaich

No worries – the X-ADV made little of it and all I had to remember was to apply the hand-brake when parking on a slope.

Glen Quaich 15

Couldn’t have asked for a nicer spot for our first post-Lockdown ride —

Glen Quaich 7






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