Glen Lyon on the X-ADV750

10 Jul

Not sure how this is going to work as Word Press have put me on their brand new editor .. little do they know I prefer the old style editor I started on here with all those years ago.

Nope! I give up! It’s impossible to write a flowing post with this cheapskate style junk!

Word Press – put me back on the old system please — givit!

OK – I’ve had a few hours sleep and I’m ready to try again. This new system is probably not all bad – but – why try to fix sumthin that ain’t broke!

That’s right givit – have a mug of tea and a bun – you know you will feel better after that —

See! It works ok – it was probably down to our crappy broadband service being overloaded by over-hormoned teenagers on TIK TOK that I struggled with the new fangled Editor at 9 o’clock last night.

Five in the morning now – the kids have all flaked out – another cup of coffee and this new Editor will be just fine …

C’mon Helen – get your lid on and let’s go for it —

Now then – I didn’t really want to do that – blame the system givit and move on —

over the top —

and down to the gate —

No problem —

using this new Editor is as easy as riding a bike —

Apologies and thanks again Word Press — your new Editor seems to work just fine — givit

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