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A Day at the Races on the X-ADV750

Sunshine has been scarce around here since the Lockdown was lifted so we weren’t going to miss the chance of a dry ride down Glen Devon.

It’s a long time since I’ve seen any action on a race track so an invite to visit Knockhill wasn’t to be spurned on a day like this —

Certainly brings back memories and it wasn’t long before that tingling feeling in my gut came to the fore —

Especially when a bunch of riders peeled off for Duffus Dip as it was called in my day —

On a quiet day with no screaming fans it wasn’t exactly Eastern Creek or Suzuka but watching the boys and girls at play did bring a buzz to the soul —

My current Bridgestones are shot and it’s just as well the replacements I have at home for the X-ADV750 are semi off-road style Pirellis or I might have been tempted to do the odd Track Day on her —

Wait a flippin minit – unless my memory plays me false – most of the laps I raced round here were done in the pouring rain – in fact the track floods at times down by the Hairpin and these Pirellis are a dead ringer for some of the old style ‘wets’ —-

Helen! Where have you hidden that entry form?


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Loch Earn pre- Storm Ciara

It’s quite benign here on the lochside at a point where I would meet my biker mates from various parts of the country in days gone by.  Back then we had an old 5 gallon oil drum with a few airholes punched into it for a fire – hidden in the undergrowth during the week and magically found on a Sunday. We would burn either plentiful driftwood from the shore or forage for fallen branches in the forest.

Then the jackboot wearing Rangers took over and burning local wood was ‘verbotten’ – it was to be allowed to rot where it lay where it would provide homes for insects and suchlike. Very understandable sentiments as the start of the foodchain has to be protected and nourished for the good of all.

Better make the most of it while we can Loki – the fishing season will be starting soon and this shore will be so poluted with peepul and the filth they leave behind that you wouldn’t want to walk on it. The Rangers who moved on a few harmless bikers soon lost control when the multitudes arrived.

Well I wrote that back in February and found it in my Drafts. We’ve had a three month sabbatical for the Corvid 19 Lockdown but things are getting back to what passes for summer normal and I won’t be walking Loki on these again filthy shores before next winter rains wash them clean.


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