A Day at the Races on the X-ADV750

11 Jul

Sunshine has been scarce around here since the Lockdown was lifted so we weren’t going to miss the chance of a dry ride down Glen Devon.

It’s a long time since I’ve seen any action on a race track so an invite to visit Knockhill wasn’t to be spurned on a day like this —

Certainly brings back memories and it wasn’t long before that tingling feeling in my gut came to the fore —

Especially when a bunch of riders peeled off for Duffus Dip as it was called in my day —

On a quiet day with no screaming fans it wasn’t exactly Eastern Creek or Suzuka but watching the boys and girls at play did bring a buzz to the soul —

My current Bridgestones are shot and it’s just as well the replacements I have at home for the X-ADV750 are semi off-road style Pirellis or I might have been tempted to do the odd Track Day on her —

Wait a flippin minit – unless my memory plays me false – most of the laps I raced round here were done in the pouring rain – in fact the track floods at times down by the Hairpin and these Pirellis are a dead ringer for some of the old style ‘wets’ —-

Helen! Where have you hidden that entry form?


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