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Walking the Dog

Ahh – the dog — that will be Loki our three years old flatcoat retriever —

Loki on Guard

OK – so the pic was taken before we left the Isle of Luing – had to be cos my puter galleries havn’t caught up with my phone galleries – know what I mean. No worries – this will all be sorted before the end of Lockdown – that’s a safe bet —

Now for a few from today —

It’s a tad cold around here just now
river’s frozen over
icicles growing on trees

and a fair bit of snow over most of the country —

causing chaos on the roads
leading to the usual drama when bankings give way

More ice down the hole —

Brrrr —

But not much smoke from the chimneys of the Big House on the Hill —

In fact it looks deserted – not surprised – with daytime temps below zero – bet it takes more than a few bags of coal per week to heat that place.
Could be a Private School closed for the Lockdown I did hear that it is run by a charity and gives support to the disadvantaged.
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