Electric Quad Bikes

14 Feb

When I first started looking for electric quad bikes all I could find were kiddies toys. More recently I thought that with Honda phasing out petrol and diesel motors in their cars that quad bikes were a dead cert to be in the forefront. After-all electric powered motorbikes are becoming commonplace – even Harley Davidson has one in their range – and it’s pretty good by all accounts. Imagine being able to check your livestock – quietly – or ride into the forest looking for wildlife – quietly – or just doing your shopping – visiting nearby mates or taking a run out to collect your newspaper with fuss-free electric power which has been re-charged overnight.

The older I get – and the more duff joints I get – the more interested I get so I kept looking and stumbled across this British built Keypitts Eco Quad Bike which might fill the bill. The proof would no doubt be in the pudding as battery life – range and reliability as well as price would all need to be assessed and if it could tow our sailing dinghy along to the loch we could even be on a winner.

If we ignore the nutter road tester who insists on using it as a plaything – the wee bike could probably be a serious bit of kit. But — I don’t know if there’s room for Helen AND a big dog on the back.

cheers – Don

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