Eighty Years and Counting

24 May

For once it’s not my age I’m on about! I may be in my eightieth year but it’s the difference in year of manufacture ‘tween the only two machines in the bike parking bay at Oban t’other day that has caught my attention this time

My ‘Shed’ has had a clearout – the CRF250 Rally has gone and with it went my X-ADV750 ‘adventure scooter’. The Big Scoot had it’s good and bad points and when Mr Honda sorted out a few of the bad ones by bringing out the new for 2021 model – I was right in there – in ‘Mud Grey’ if you have to ask —

No sooner had I brought the new bike home than I was off on the road by the Green Welly to Oban to give her a try. She turned out to be pretty good really – even at a moderate running in pace. Well worth the change and having only the one bike to concentrate on should make it much easier to master all the bar mounted controls. Leaving my poor legs sticking out front in the breeze makes life much easier for my long-suffering knees.

But – wait a minute! Where are all the crowds on the front giving my new pride and joy the once over?

Well bugger me if they’re not all down the other end of the parking bay admiring this old pre-war BMW with sidecar – including all the accessories —

It even has it’s own scorpion thing tagging along – it must have been Rommel’s personal bolide for desert warfare —

Well – we all know what Montgomery’s lot (including my dad) did to him!

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