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Honda X-ADV750 Clocking up the Miles

Admittedly 2000 miles isn’t a lot to get excited about but the bike did have to sit idle for a few weeks as the supplying dealer couldn’t fit her in for a First Service. Can’t say I was too chuffed – but that’s life in these covid infested times.

The X-ADV on Oban Front on a wet day didn’t prove to be a big draw but we have been back there on a sunny day when there was a sea of bikes and she certainly drew the punters attention that time – seems Chief Road Tester for the MCN – Michael Neeves had been extolling the virtues of the new for 2021 Big Scoot in print.

There are certainly a few changes from the previous model – most noticeable when riding being that the first five ratios in the DCT gearbox are closer together – coupled with an increase in mid-range torque from the motor – a slightly slimmer body shape and the loss of 3kgs in weight means she is no slouch when it comes to holding her own in everyday traffic. She does appear to have lost a bit at the top-end though where I have the feeling that top speed will come in 5th making 6th an old fashioned ‘over-drive’ ratio.

The jury is still out on the fit of the body panels as that black ‘C’ shaped piece arcing forward towards the front of the bike won’t stay fully clipped in place and on one occasion when returning from a ride I found four different pieces of bodywork had shaken loose at that point. Luckily none of the fasteners were missing and I was able to clip it all back together with the exception of the ‘C’ shaped piece. I think the lugs on the radiator cap may be the cause of the problem – another quarter turn on the cap would mean it wasn’t bearing on the inside of the panel. Either that or the slimmer bodywork hasn’t left room for all the internal components.

Time will undoubtedly tell – in the meantime I will try not to lose any bits and pieces —

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Peas in a Pod

With the missus away visiting family in NI it’s been down to me to water the garden during our latest spell of warm weather.

Our few peas growing in old fruit boxes behind the greenhouse appear to be doing well – on the outside anyway —

And Yes – I gave into temptation and nicked a taster —

They were even better than they look – I should leave a few as no doubt ‘H’ has them counted.

With rain – thunder and lightning forecast over the next few days the garden should be well watered by the time she returns and all will be well as long as Loki and I remember to attend to her precious tomato plants in the greenhouse.

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