The 5hp Yamaha Outboard

24 Jul

Yes this little outboard has been on my mind since Spring. I think I last used it late August 2020 and having had experience of our new style green-ish petrol ‘going off’ on low-mileage motorbike carbs I didn’t want the same thing happening with my treasured outboard motor.

With summer passing in a veritable heat haze there was nothing else for it – other than to dig the wee brute out of the corner of my shed and mount it on a home-brewed jury rig set up bolted to my workbench. To think I used to chuck 20kgs Test Weights around like frisbees for a living – I don’t find this supposedly 25kgs of outboard motor the easiest thing to handle but I got her up and safely secured. I even found the piss-pot from previous years to immerse the prop in at a safe depth and soon had her burbling away like a good ‘un – just proves the power of Redex in the right place at the right time.

That wee footstool I picked up on a visit to the rubbish dump pre-covid fitted a treat – after I had ripped off the leatherette covered cushion and screwed on a hardwood capping from my dwindling stock of ‘just-in-case’ timber.

Seems like I’m running out of excuses for not having the good ship Hede on the loch this year —

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