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One Man and His Dog —

Herding sheep in the Sma’ Glen —

Our Loki seems more interested in fish — the sheep are over here Loki —

All four of them —

Not much chance of me chasing them — stuck out here on a rock in the river —

But there’s method in my madness – the trees and grass are full of midgies —

I might still have a bit of muscle in my upper half – but the legs are totally wasted —

No worries – we had a really nice spot above the bridge in the popular Sma’ Glen all to oursel’s — and for once we remembered to take sandwiches on our picnic —

and – apart from the rock I was sitting on – this was my favourite —

I would love to have been a geoligist —

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Honda X-ADV 750 all alone at the Welly

I enjoyed my ride up to the welly today — fully expected to meet rain on the way but it remained dry. I parked her up with the ‘Big Boys’ – a cruiser style Rocket 3 and sum sort of Harley before heading off to find a cool coffee —

Had a brief chat with the guys as they got ready for another leg of their ride home to Derby. Turns out they had been doing the NC500 — struggling in the wet might be a better way of describing it. The guy with the Rocket 3 had just bought the beast prior to heading north and had almost been on his derriere a few times —

Perhaps I didn’t express sufficient sympathy or maybe it’s just the way I tell ’em – whatever – in two shakes of a lamb’s tail the Big Scoot and I found ourselves alone in the bike park on what is normally a busy August Sunday —

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