Emergency Helicopter to the Washing Green

26 Aug

Was enjoying my macaroni and chips at Shutter’s in Killin earlier today when the fire engine came flying out of the Station across the road with all sirens howling and disappeared up the road at a rate of knots! Just had time to finish my roadside meal when the chopper appeared overhead and landed amongst the washing behind the restaurant —

Never did find out what it was all about for with food in the belly and sunshine overhead I was soon heading by Loch Tay for Ben Lawers and Glen Lyon —-

I never tire of the Big Scoot —

from hyway to byway —

it does it all —

and I don’t seem to mind that the first question I get from woolly headed fellow bikers is —

‘Why is there such a big space between the rear wheel and the underside of the seat?’ —

Who cares? For I don’t – she handles better than most bikes and it’s not sumthin that crosses my mind when I’m out there enjoying the ride —

I’m more concerned about what we are going to do when the water runs out – as it has done up here in the Dam on Ben Lawers —

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