Butterflies and Big Boy’s Toys on the Road to Bridge of Balgie

27 Aug

Believe it or not but they are hauling timber from one side of Ben Lawers to the other on the single track road that has become a ‘must do’ for motorcyclists —

You wouldn’t want to argue ‘rights of way’ with this Tonka Toy if you were to meet him up there —

At a rough guess I would say there’s 60 to 70 tonnes gross moving along here and although the road looks good past the Lawers Dam I can assure you the strip down to the Bridge of Balgie side of the hill is no better than it was when I first rode it on my 350 Velo over sixty years ago —

There was an impressive flow of water going under the bridge and that big pool below looks ready to take a fly —

Not so much water farther up on the hillside – but enough to provide a picturesque picnic spot for Helen and I —

There was a time when ‘skinny dipping’ might have been on the agenda – but that was then —

and this is now – anyway – there were far more attractive things up there —

with the many butterflies on the thistles above Loch Tay —

putting on a show on our way home —

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