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The Battle of Sheriffmuir 1715

This yin wisnae fitba’ — it was juist anither grudge match between the Stewarts and a’ the rest that knew which side there bread wis buttered on —

The Stewarts under that big local saftie – the Earl o’ Marr and his fellow Toffs – had 12000 poorly trained and ill equipped fairmers – chancers and chanty wrastlers who were only there for the beer in his line-up while George1st – the first king of the new Britain put the Sassenach loving Duke of Argyle on the field with only 6000 trained and well sorted sojers at his disposal —

After a few hours spent throwing insults and bashing the living daylights out of one another the score read – Earl of Marr’s lot 250 dead – with the Duke of Argyle’s losses coming in nearer 750 —

The result was adjudged a draw — although it has gone down in history as one of Scotland’s great losses against the English – and that will be why that wee Yorkshire lass wi’ the Honda is the boss o’ me — go figure???

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Yamaha XT600E in Church Stretton

Some of my happiest biking days were spent ‘Green Laning’ on this bike – seen here parked outside my mate Brian Marshall’s bike shop in darkest Shropshire —

Brian had been Rights of Way Sec for the local branch of the TRF so there weren’t many Trails north -south – east or west that he didn’t know about and with over 100 miles under our wheels on any Sunday we certainly rode most of them back there in the late nineties —

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