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The Yamaha XJR 1300SP

By the year 2000 I had spent the best part of four years riding the many Green Lanes up and down the Welsh Border area and out to Cardigan Bay with my Church Stretton mates on my XT600E and thoroughly enjoyed it -but – there’s always a but —

This time it came in the form of a beautiful new red air-cooled XJR1300SP I spotted in the window of the Forbes Brothers bike shop at the bottom of the Burway in Church Stretton on a Sunday when I would go over to meet my mates for a spot of trail riding on my XT.

The contents of my wallet were quite safe as the shop was usually closed on a Sunday – but – one Sunday it was open! In I went and the deal was done – and so started another ten year period of involvement with the XJR’s and all that went with them.

Suffice to say – it was a truly great bike that was to take me on so many adventures throughout the UK and Europe —

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