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Chasing Sunshine on the Honda X-ADV750

With a Saint Bernard dug in the picture it has to be Montrose that had blue skies today —

and with that naval bunnet it has to be the four legged crew member on a navy gunboat under a \Norwegian skipper tasked with protecting allied shipping in the North Sea during the second world war —

the big fella has pride of place opposite the seaman’s mission at the north end of the bridge —

While down by the seaside at the north end of the esplanade the X-ADV has a well-earned rest —

and well she might after an arduous cross-country trip this morning by Crieff – Methven – Pitcairngreen – Stanley – the Beach Hedges – Blairgowrie – Alyth – Kirriemuir – and past a thousand big tractors and tattie loaded trailers n a’ n a’ – enroute tae Brechin and our destination on Montrose seafront —

but it was all well worth it —

to catch what might be the last few rays of summer —

with five thousand miles coming up on her screen —

since arriving in my shed back in the month of May —
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