Mystery surrounds the Round Tower at Abernethy

25 Sep

Difficult to know where to start on this one. The Tower is thought to have been built around 1100 AD – meaning it was probably there before the grave yard behind it —

and the carved Pictish stone at it’s base is also a later addition as it was found in the wall of an Abernethy house.

It looks suspiciously fresh to me but that just adds to the mystery —

The door and internal spiral staircase were added later – probably around the time that several human bones and seven male sculls were found during a clean up of the basement —

One of only two round towers of their type in Scotland – the other is at Brechin in Angus – they are plentiful in Ireland with sixty of the original hundred round towers built over their still standing to this day. The stone used for the initial build of the Abernethy tower is thought to be similar to that used for Rules Church in St Andrews with the upper courses being added at a later date —

Abernethy has a proud history – we all know that William the Conqueror or in these parts William the Bastard arrived on the Channel coast and was the winner at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. He probably got the second title seven years later when Malcolm – King of Scotland swore fealty to him at Abernethy —

Helen – I think we need another coffee after this one —

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