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Ardrishaig – Crinan Canal —

It’s a dull day out there – even Loki isn’t impressed.

Here’s a few shots from a lovely day out down by Ardrishaig —

Down the Crinan Canal —

Into the final lock —

Ably supervised —

Almost there —

Southbound from the last lock on the Crinan Canal …

There she goes —

Gone —

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Back on the Island With the CRF250 Rally —

Now then? Even I don’t know where this pic was taken —

On an away day to the mainland somewhere – Loch Lomond – Loch Awe – Loch Earn? Take your pick —

Got this one sussed – it’s on the eastern flank of the Isle of Luing – not far from where my son lives —

This time I’m down on the shore below his house – by the moorings – looking over to Torsa —

another one from the eastern flank —

This will be at the Trig Point – the highest point on the island – I rode up there on my birthday – either 75th or 77th – or perhaps both —
Looks like I’m on my way down —

I think I will stop here while I’m still shiny side up —

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Sunflower Savvy —

Had a rough night leading to a slow start to the day and a surf through the old photo albums —

I’ve been much worse — this pic was taken a few years ago when I was recovering from a bad bout of scepsis after an operation that went horribly wrong. As soon as I was able I took over the neglected front garden where I was recuperating and got so much back from it. My first ever attempt at growing sunflowers was a great success with blooms like dinner plates flowering at the eleven to twelve feet mark.To think I was never much of a gardener during my working days – I get so much pleasure from it now.

OK – if I am to prolong active life I’d better take myself into Perth for my covid vaccine booster jab – every little helps —

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Dancing Girl —

Can’t remember where – or when —

But this girl was born to dance xx

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In the Ochil Hills with the X-ADV750

I don’t mind using this particular pic again so soon cos it’s a good ‘un — parked in a farmer’s gateway while looking back over Dunning and Strathearn to the hills by my home —

It’s all so beautiful and made a welcome stop yesterday after feeling my way round a few blind corners on the winding upslope from Dunning while being blinded by the sun —

Then it was over the top and down the south side of the hill to park by the cairn for local skier Tom Black who had enjoyed the hills too in his day —

After ‘hopping’ over the style for a brief walk in the woods —

it was onwards to the Yett’s of Muckhart before a right turn to the north up Glendevon for Gleneagles – Muthil and home —

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The Fairy Bridge —

Down behind Monzie Kirk lies a secret dell known only to the fairy folk who persuaded their Dwarf friends to build a stone bridge over to the Mill House —

Behind the white gate —

lies the Fairy Grotto —

and across the river is Dusty Miller’s millwheel which grinds the corn —

and mills the flour so we can make our Fairy Cakes —

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The Yamaha Serow 225

A really nice little bike – popular in the far east – built in Japan – she was never an official import to the UK. More’s the pity for she was perfect for Green Laning and I had this one for a spell when I lived on the Welsh border and went Trail Riding every Sunday for a while —

I felt she was a tad small for me at the time and definitely underpowered when it came to the high-spirited race back to base with the lads after a challenging day in the hills – and ‘yes’ that’s a drum brake in the rear – perfectly adequate for the minimal power output.

I wish I had her now —

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Honda NC750 —

Photo taken on the Isle of Bute courtesy of John Rushworth …

The NC750 uses the same motor as my X-ADV but in this incarnation uses a manual gearbox.

A very nice bike John – I’m sure you will enjoy it —

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The Holy Isle in Winter

Lindisfarne Castle —

St Aidan – an Irish monk came over from Iona to convert the heathen Northumbrians in the seventh century —

There is still a bit of fishing done from the island —

There was a move afoot (ouch!) to create a Saint Aidan’s Way long distance trail between here and the Isle of Iona – it would be an interesting hike but I don’t know if it has come to fruition yet —

The castle – first built in the 1600’s and ‘improved’ in 1900 – looks better with a moat around it —

The geese on the lee shore are making the most of it before their long flight back to Spitsbergen for the summer —

It’s away up there to the north somewhere …

My favourite photo of all-time …

Oops! The good Saint Aidan must have missed at least one of the heathens —

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Hunter’s Moon Tonight —

My poor pic doesn’t do it justice —


Aha – it appears the Hunter’s Moon is responsible for many ailments – including migraine – flu-like symptoms and adversely affects our immune systems and sleep patterns. Probably one of the reasons why instances of Covid have shot up overnight —

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