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Chasing the sun to Arbroath by X-ADV750

An hour and a half had me in Arbroath in time for sumthin cheap from the brekkie menu at the Old Boatyard Restaurant down by the harbour —

Harbour? It’s behind you —

Sorry about the blurred photo but it was freezing cold and blowing a hoolie so I was suffering from ‘sshakey haund’ syndrome —

but nothing that a large coffee n sumthin sweet couldn’t fix —

Nicely warmed up and it was round the harbour to the fishmonger for a brace of Smokies – magic!

With smoked haddock in the top-box it was a short ride along to the Abbey for a spot of culture —

I press-ganged a passing couple to take my pic then clicked a few more —

Sumwun must have told them I was coming for they had barriers up everywhere by the abbey —

But more luck by the seafront —

and along Shore Road —

The weather appears to be catching up with me – time to head for home – no worries for I had a great few hours out and about and managed to dodge the rain – a result!

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