Three New Tasks to Master in One Day

05 Oct

Three new tasks? I’m ashamed to admit – but I failed in one of them – bloody computers or whatever —

Task One; At the Real Food Cafe – scan their thingy that shows I am there and possibly not a Robot or suchlike — I think I passed that one but I’m not sure – I didn’t hear any ringing bells – flashing lights or round of applause anyway —

Task Two: Click into their free Wifi – find the menu and order food — I failed miserably on that one and would have gone hungry if the attendant/waiter hadn’t taken pity on me and brought a paper menu – hell – all I wanted was a cup of hot coffee and link sausage on a bun. How difficult can you make that?

Task Three; Endeavour to put a post on my blog from my new – unbreakable – undrownable Nokia XR20 phone while Out and About! To my surprise I passed that one nae bother – although I did manage to duplicate one of my Posts. That was easily sorted after I got home and getting on my proper computer —

See – I can do ‘washed the bike’ nae bother too — will show off now and put up more pics from today’s ride —

That’s Ben More touching the clouds top right —

and that is looking down towards Killin—

while this is just to show how big my topbox really is – enormous – and you could drop turnips down that exhaust – it’s the standard can though and purrs along nicely —

There’s a couple of wee boats in this pic somewhere —

and an old stone castle on an island in this one but I couldn’t get any closer without getting my feet wet —

Prescription lenses in these slightly tinted specs – so I can see where I’m going — most of the time —

Home and bike washed – all in time for tea — can’t be bad —

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