Loki Says …

10 Oct

‘Stop messing about with videos and get us home in time for my dinner at 5 o’clock’ —

So Loki isn’t impressed .. dog’s don’t eat apples .. especially crab apples —

Even the view over Blair Athol Castle is more than ‘nice’ —

If we go all the way to the hill beyond – that’s the one my old man – fresh from his war time exploits had me walk up as a four year old .. no wonder my knees are knackered now —

At least I can still appreciate the gentle lane where the apples grow – although there may be a sting in the tail as it leads all the way to Deeside and the place of my birth – forty plus miles across the Cairngorms as the crow flies —

The lanes leading to it by the River Tilt are pretty special too —-

The tumultuous River Tilt passes close to my old school in Blair Athol —

But today we will settle for this photo of Loki and I on the playing fields of my first school in Blair Atholl seventy five years ago —

Another fantastic day and if our crab apple jelly derived from the same trees we raided this time last year is as good as the first lot – it will go well with our Christmas turkey —

Thanks Helen – Happy Birthday xx

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