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A Taste For Croatia —

In 2004 after a particularly wet summer here in the UK I got the notion to head for somewhere drier before winter finished me off with motorcycling altogether. A place name – Dubrovnik – showed low down on the Adriatic coast – bottom right on my map of Europe —

The last time I had seen that name was on BBC News when the Serbs or whoever had a big gun were shooting chunks out of it. Nothing else would do other than to strap my Camel bag on the back of the hardy XJR1300SP – hang a set of Oxford Products soft luggage in the space that was left and head down that way using as many back roads as possible —

I had things to do on the way down so it took me about a week to get there — there being Skradine – gateway to the Krr Kra National Park.

Judging by the bullet holes in the wall – this was someone’s Last Supper table but hopefully wouldn’t be mine. I had arrived well after dark and was fortunate to find a converted garage next door available to rent —

After the long haul from Austria and across Slovenia that day – I was too tired to be nervous and slept like a log. Next morning I was out bright and early and found a well stocked market stall a few paces from my door – a result!

The bridge in the background marks the entrance to the National Park I had come so far to see and could only be reached by boat from the edge of town —

I swam with the little fishes —

in the warm clear waters —



The trip across Austria and Slovenia wasn’t bad either.

The full story is told in ‘Alps Adriatic and Alcohol’ near the start of my Blog and the Motor Cycle News ran parts of it. I admit it does go on a bit — my aversion to full stops and comma’s doesn’t suit the purists and would no doubt have my old English teacher at Berwickshire High School swinging the tawse with a vengance —

Thanks for staying with it this far —

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