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Sunflower Savvy —

Had a rough night leading to a slow start to the day and a surf through the old photo albums —

I’ve been much worse — this pic was taken a few years ago when I was recovering from a bad bout of scepsis after an operation that went horribly wrong. As soon as I was able I took over the neglected front garden where I was recuperating and got so much back from it. My first ever attempt at growing sunflowers was a great success with blooms like dinner plates flowering at the eleven to twelve feet mark.To think I was never much of a gardener during my working days – I get so much pleasure from it now.

OK – if I am to prolong active life I’d better take myself into Perth for my covid vaccine booster jab – every little helps —


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Dancing Girl —

Can’t remember where – or when —

But this girl was born to dance xx

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