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South Bank Tay Estuary on the Honda X-ADV750 —

I was enjoying cutting – glueing and screwing a few bits and pieces of wood together to open up the rear of the Yeti but dry days are few and far between in Scotland at this time of year so it didn’t take much persuading to have me togged up in bike gear and off out on the Big Scoot —

A quick squint at the weather forecast showed sunshine on the Tay estuary so that gave me a route down the south bank —

Blue skies showing through streaky cloud guided me by Newburgh and Lindores Distillery to the Tay Railway bridge but they wouldn’t let me cross —

No worries – instead I found a pleasant Cafe in Wormit where I bagged a pavement table with a view of the bridge way upriver and scoffed a cracking bowl of minestrone soup to help keep out the chill —

That fired me up for a blowy crossing on the road bridge followed by a ride along the ever-changing Dundee waterfront and a gallop for home on the northern flank of the river by Perth – on mainly busy dual carriageway and A roads —

That’s Dundee over there but I will draw a veil over my misguided attempt to take a shortcut through Perth when my fuel gauge was showing a need for attention. There was so much stalled traffic in town that I couldn’t be bothered stopping for a refill and ran her the last thirty miles on the dregs —

Every mile I cover on this bike that appears to confuse motorcyclists in general – the more I like her and with 6000 miles clocked since May – that’s a whole lot of LIKE’s —

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Skoda Yeti for Motorhome —

Well not exactly but it’s getting more and more difficult to find last minute accommodation when travelling on the spur of the moment that I decided to make a bed space in this superb vehicle —

She does everything else so why not spend an occasional night in her when all else fails at the back of beyond —

The rear seats unclip and lift out in two shakes of a lamb’s tail in my particular model and considering no one has ever sat in the back in the six years I’ve had this car it’s a no brainer to get them out and replace them with an under-bed storage space —

I have already fitted a full size spare wheel under the floor in the rear compartment so the next step is to floor the whole area with 12mm plywood. I’ve just got to fix it all down now – decide what’s hinged and wot’s not so that it doesn’t come flying round our ears in the event of a collision and hey presto – we have a useful bedroom on wheels —

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