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Global Warming and Ben Ledi —

At a few feet under the necessary 3000 needed to qualify – Ben Ledi was never going to be a Munro but it was arduous enough in winter to give me a good workout on a day out —

Even the lower slopes as you left the treeline could be interesting —

and the horizontal icicles once you were heading for the top were guaranteed to have me fumbling for the camera with frozen pinkies —

These first three pictures came from 30-35 years ago – this next one with Ben Ledi on the skyline is how it looked yesterday. At 12 degrees or so centigrade it’s not even cold enough to drive the midgies off the slopes. They were the bane of my life back then and were the main reason I did most of my hill-walking in the cold days of winter — .

OK – with most of winter still to come no doubt we will see a white cap or two before long but maybe the soothsayers are right and Global Warming is really happening bang on our doorstep —

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The Leaning Tower in the Town Square —

It started off near enough upright no with dancing girl enjoying the rare sunshine —-

But half an hour later it was beginning to tilt at the right corner —

It’s time I was out of here —

before I get the blame —

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