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Chasing the Sun on the X-ADV750 —

Winsy says rain to the west and not so much in the east – it’s a no-brainer and I pointed the X-ADV where the skies were bluest —

Then it was a case of chasing rainbows —

all the way north-east to Pitlochry —

Where – not knowing where the blue skies would take me – I brimmed the small tank on the X-ADV and hung a right over the hill to the Perth – Braemar road where I turned left for more North —

Then I got a few more decent shots in the sunshine before stopping for a break at the Glenshee Visitor Centre —

Doesn’t look like much behind that ‘F-off’ Mercedes but the deer grazing just over the fence like it —

It looked gloomy further north towards the Ski-lift so I hung east down Glen Isla – a first for me as I’d never taken that route before —

There aren’t many roads in Scotland I haven’t ridden but boy was this one worth it —

It’s certainly one I will do again but it will be next year now as the weather is due to turn cold tomorrow and by Sunday the gritters will be out in force scattering their corrosive salt everywhere —

and this is one bike I want to keep salt free – so Mr Honda’s recall that arrived by post just as I was setting out this morning has come at the right time. The X-ADV750 has to go back to the Dealers to have the fairings stripped off and the wiring loom checked for dangerous chafing which could cause the motor to cut out anytime – anywhere – rather them than me —

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