Powercut’d —

28 Nov

Thank goodness we are not all electric .. gas may be expensive these days but at least it continued to flow to our magnificent five burner hob while all else failed.

With the powercut stretching into it’s second day it was the packed fridge and freezer plus the unknown duration of the loss of electricity that was on my mind.

No worries .. with all four access roads into town blocked by falling trees, what better way than to spend the day cooking. Better a feast than a famine πŸ˜€

With snow and freezing temps out there this Sunday morning our front porch has the ideal conditions to store the stuff I rescued from the thawing freezer and turned into ready meals 😜

Saturday night without telly was a timely reminder of how things used to be. Snuggled up under blankets on the couch with full bellies in front of a blazing log fire .. Loki and Seamus stretched out on the rug and a bottle of Glen Scotia Cambeltown Harbour to hand while listening to Johnny Walker and his colleagues on a battery operated Radio 2 …..

If this is to be a winter of chaos .. bring it on .. Cheers .. πŸ₯ƒ

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