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On a bare Hillside —

Far from home – is a well kept memorial for two young men who lost their lives when their Tornado jet fighter plane clipped the hillside and went down – Sept 1994 —

The walking stick is mine – it was slippery underfoot up there today —

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Full Plates at Christmas —

No matter what 2022 may throw at us we managed full plates for Christmas ’21 —

I had a free hand this year and went for a large gammon joint with crackling plus a maple syrup and bourbon glaze —

Here she is – out for a peep only halfway through it’s two and half hour cooking time —

Looks ready to me 😏

But it still had over an hour to go at reduced heat —

Roasters are ready —
Meat is now cooked —
Leeks roasted and carrots plus brocoli are well steamed – I tend to add them to the gravy —

Chipolatas look good enough to eat —

M-mmm — I just realised I forgot to cook the Brussel sprouts – they are still in the fridge 🧐

But if Helen noticed – she was kind enough not to mention it 😀 —

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