South Shore of Loch Earn —

03 Jan

There was a time when the south bank of Loch Earn was my favourite —

with countless waterfalls tumbling down the hillsides —

Clean shingle and spots to let Loki explore without worrying about what crap he will pick up —

but last summer was the worst ever for dirt and debris as every passing place was filled with parked vehicles – any accessible waterside spot was filled by happy campers and any wooded area became an alfresco toilet.

Wouldn’t be quite so bad if they would take their rubbish home with them but invariably they don’t. I’ve seen large televisions – fridges – you name it – it will be there —

At least it isn’t quite so bad in winter but I did spot a kitchen cabinet in the ditch up Glen Ogle the other day — is it me that’s out of step? 🙃

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