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Sleep Walking with a Paint Brush —

The best painting I’ve ever seen —

My missus usually spends the first hours in the day painting her face —

The other morning she must have sleep-walked from bed straight to her studio – picked up her brushes and slapped paint around a canvas like there was no tmorro — five hours or so later — painting virtually done – she returned to her bedroom – still in her pj’s – and spotted the tea (now stone cold) and croissant I had brought her before I went out —

I always knew her head was a busy place to be – but to start from scratch and produce this piece of work before breakfast —

talk about – ‘Paint that Dream!’ 🙄

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Honda CRF250 Rally at Ben Lora —

Must be at least four years – maybe five since I took this shot – she is still wearing her original exhaust —

Memory isn’t what it was and I even had to google Ben Lpra Cafe to see where I had been riding that day. Turns out I was passing through Benderloch just north of Connel Bridge – a few miles up the coast from Oban —

At least it was cleaner underfoot than here on the Isle of Luing – I do miss that wee bike —

No worries – my X-ADV 750 is back in the shed after a six week holiday. She is sitting there fully serviced and wearing a brand new set of Michelin Pilot Roads 4 – will be interesting to see how she goes on them —

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