A World at War —

10 Feb

Hard to ignore politics when the people in charge have tied down a perfectly fit chap like mesel while they disappear over the horizon in search of a war.

Maggie did the same thing at a time when she was struggling in the popularity polls and engineered the Falklands Fiasco.

Even wonderkid Tony Blair needed a war to stay in power after people began to see through his dodgy blarney. He chose his fight – backed by George Bush – over non-existant Weapons of Mass Destruction supposedly held by Iraq. Unlike picking a fight with Russia – the Iraq War would have been a difficult one to lose.

If the chicken hearted Tory MP’s weren’t so scared for their jobs Bumbling Boris would be signing on down at the dole by now. That’s if he wasn’t already in the clink for giving away billions of taxpayer’s Dosh to his mates in the Covid carry-on when ordering protective clothing.

The only thing that will save Boris’s skin is a war and the way he is going he will get one. I’m pretty sure if they back President Putin into a corner they will get their war and there will be NO winners this time round.

I have no political axe to grind – in my opinion they are each as bad as the other in their own ways but I do hope the Tory Party see’s sense and dumps this guy. By his cack-handed handling of Brexit he is turning NI into a powder keg again and he is doing his best to do the same thing between Scotland and the Union.

Doing his best and meaning well is not enough when it puts the country in turmoil and might even lead to a nuclear war in World terms or a civil war in the Disunited Kingdom terms.

OK – the washing machine is done – I better go and hang my stuff up to dry.

Oh No! I feel another rant coming on when I think of the cost of drying a washing while Shell and BP are struggling to decide how to spend their billions of pounds in profits —

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