Three years ago —

05 Mar

I had become fed up of unsuccessfully dodging rain drops as I tried to paint the boat in inclement west coast island weather for eighteen months and splashed out on a big tent.

Was quite pleased with mesel when I got this far single handed – including flooring it with castaway pallets – cosy!

But not for long! Little kittens grow into big cats and when he grew up this tiger was never happier than when he was up on the tarp ‘playing’ —

Cat proof it wasn’t! All it needed was a few holes – rips and tears and the west coast gales did the rest! We HAD been warned before moving to the islands that the prevailing winds came all the way from Brazil without touching a land mass on the way. I had been prepared for the gales but never thought for a minute that our ‘dear’ little Seamus would help in it’s destruction — 😾

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