With War on our Doorstep —

13 Mar

With a new bike under me last year – time consuming boating didn’t figure highly unless we count baling it out occasionally. Yes – even seven miles from the loch and pretty well covered up at the bottom of our garden it still managed to attract torrential rain!

It may seem strange to be thinking about summer activities but I’m no stranger to having guns pointed at me. There’s something invigorating about looking down the barrel of a shaking rifle or shotgun when you have nothing but your own wits to protect yourself.

Having come across a few boating pics from a couple of seasons ago we are realising what we are missing and full of the urge to put her back in the loch this year for the occasional fishing trip. Sailing is for younger – active folk – Helen and I are too busy being retired for all that stuff.

We can’t even think of putting her back in the water without a full repaint of the fibreglass hull and a generous coating of teak oil to the woodwork.

The ‘great outdoors’ is seemingly going to be busy this summer as preliminary investigations indicate that all the official moorings are fully booked so we will have to dig deeper in that regard.

A sensible option would be to sell the damned thing but there’s an emotional attachment there that in some ways would mean admitting that we are giving up on life —

Loki wouldn’t like that —

Even if it does make sense 😎
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